Russ Kane with Vintage Texas provides a great overview of the Texas Terroir panel at #TEXSOM.

Wine Week Extraordinaire

I had three wine events last week — crazy but wonderful. First, the Texas Wine Twitter Tuesday.  Sandstone Cellars' Don Pullum (@AkashicVineyard on Twitter) paired Texas wines with gazpacho, lamb kebabs and ice cream with apricot jam topping.  We tasted the wines with each dish, alone and with different garnishes, to see how the wines changed with the different flavors.

Texas Monthly wine gal Jessica Dupuy (@jdewps) and Austin’s newest Master Sommelier Devon Broglie (@DevOnWine) with Whole Foods Market joined me, Jenny and Bobby from the Texas wine team at my house to taste and Tweet along with Russ Kane of Vintage Texas and other wine friends around the state.

Besides the three Texas wines we tasted with the meal —Duchman Dolcetto, Haak Tempranillo and Texas Hills Orange Muscat — we also shared the McPherson Roussanne and William Chris Emotion (both super nice additions!).

What a great way to spend a Tuesday!