Hello Summer!

This sweet little number from the Southwest of France is my new go-to summer sipper.  The Domaine de Pouy from the Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne is light and refreshing with lime, lemon and pear notes, with hints of sea salt on the finish. 

The wine is made from Ugni Blanc/Trebbiano and Colombard. A little wine geek info: Ugni Blanc/Trebbiano is the second most widely planted grape in the world.

Lots of fruit balanced with great acidity makes this Texas Wine Gal very happy.  I picked it up from Austin Wine Merchant for $8 — what a bargain.


Dang — Love this wine!

I nearly finished this bottle of Duchman Family Winery Trebbiano before I remembered to snap a photo and write a short note about it.  It’s so refreshing — with a hint of banana (in a good, tropical way) and citrus.  Love the crisp, dry finish.  An easy-drinking, refreshing summer wine.

Cheers! (And yes, the grapes are from the Bingham Family Vineyards!  One of Texas’ best grape-growing families.)