With Texas Wine Month right around the corner, why don’t you pick up a Texas wine and give it a try?  I LOVE all the wines on this Dallas Morning News list.  The Duchman Vermentino (on tap at my local Whole Foods Market bar) is my go-to wine with sushi.


Inwood Estate Segundo Palomino & Chardonnay

I was in Spec’s checking out the Texas wine selection and came across Inwood Estate’s Segundo Palomino & Chardonnay.  Now, I love Inwood Estates Palomino-Chardonnay but cannot always find it or afford it (it’s around $40).

So when I saw this Segundo Palomino & Chardonnay blend, from Texas and American vineyards, for $17 — I snatched it up.  Couldn’t wait to try it because I really like the blend of these two grapes.

Winemaker Dan Gatlin does a great job making wines. His Inwood Estates label is his primary label.  Segundo means “second” in Spanish and is Inwood’s second label, which is made with fruit primarily outside of Texas.  Like other consumers, I appreciate knowing which wines from Texas wineries are Texas fruit and not Texas fruit.

I am not a big Chardonnay fan, but this wine is so nice with the Palomino.  Full bodied, touch of coconut on the nose to me, fruit with nice acid, and great mouth feel.  Next time you want to bring a Chardonnay to party, pick this one up!

Photo from VintageTexas